Thursday, August 27, 2015

Graduate School recruitment - University of Michigan - Octover 2 & 3 2015 event

The Departments of MCDB and EEB are hosting a recruitment weekend on October 2nd & 3rd, 2015 and are looking for highly interested student that you think would be suitable for these programs! We are attempting to recruit a diverse candidate pool for our Frontiers Master Program (EEB), Pathways Masters Program (MCDB), and our PhD programs in both EEB and MCDB.

During the weekend, students will have the opportunity to:
-Interact with current students, faculty, and staff
      Poster sessions with students and faculty
      Meet with labs of interest
-Potential tour of facilities (E.S. George Reserve, Museum of Zoology, Herbarium, and the Botanical Gardens)
-Receive professional development in preparation for applying to masters and PhD programs
 If you have any students of interest, please forward the attached application. Your input and contacts regarding these students mean a lot to us, so thank you sincerely for your time.

Anuj Kumar
Associate Professor
Director, MCDB Pathways M.S. Program
Dept. of Mol., Cell., & Dev. Biology
University of Michigan
Tel: 734-647-8060

Summer 2016 Study Abroad in Lyon, France

Tuesday, August 25, 2015



Thursday, September 17

1:00 to 5:00 PM

Molecular Science and Engineering Building

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lonza-Arch Corporation - seminar August 24, 2015

Tomorrow, Monday, at 4:30 pm in MoSE 3201, CHBE is having a special short seminar by representatives from the Lonza-Arch Corporation.  This seminar should be of interest to researchers across a broad spectrum of science and engineering.

See -

Dr. Stefan Ellinger/Dr. Niklaus Kuenzle (Lonza-Arch)

Title - Chemistry and Career at Lonza Corporation

“Dr. Niklaus Kuenzle will give an overview of the history of Lonza, the different fields Lonza is active in, and its capabilities.  As a worldwide leader supplying the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with biopharmaceuticals, Lonza furnishes different markets with state-of-the-art products, services, and research. Our customers range from professionals within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, and government research industries to manufacturers of consumer and health products, distributors, formulators, and service companies."

Petit Undergraduate Research Scholars Program 2016

Application process now open

The application process for the 2016 class of Petit Scholars is now open.
Program Outline
Scholars willOnce selected to participate in the year-long program, scholars are matched with a research project from a list submitted by prospective graduate/postdoc mentors. Scholars conduct research beginning in the spring semester (January 2016) while taking their regular coursework.  During this time, they acquire the necessary skills and training needed to develop their research projects and chart their course for the upcoming year.  In the summer semester, scholars conduct their research full time (40 hours/week) immersing themselves in the research, integrating into the research group, and attending group meetings and other lab activities. When classes resume in the final fall semester, the scholars continue their research to develop results to present at the end-of-year poster session and celebration in November/December